Life is Happening

February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

You know when you go to the movie theatre in the middle of the afternoon…

and you walk outside expecting it to be dark,

but when you get there you’re suddenly blinded by this brilliant light illuminating the world around you??

I feel like that is life right now, in the best kind of way.

So much life is happening, I can’t take it all in.



First of all, these little people keep me pretty busy…

They are busy and sweet and so full of energy that I barely make it through supper at night

before crashing into my pillow to sleep for a million years. (or an hour until I have to go potty…whichever comes first)

And of course, that is due to this little person.



Who is much bigger now than she was in that picture (taken around Christmas).

We are expecting to meet sweet baby girl E in less than 7 weeks!

That doesn’t give me much more time to do the strange and intense cleaning that I have been so compulsive about the last few weeks…

Thank you, Lord, my fingers are blistered from chemicals!

And then of course this happened!



Which I can’t even really talk about…due to hormones and such running rampant.

But I will just say, *sniff, *sniff… I watched that tooth pop through the tiny surface of her wee little baby mouth 6 something years ago…and now it’s gone. :(

And I really wish that I had documented every single second of this beautiful life over the past few months…

But I’m just too busy living. ha.

And maybe there’s a little something about winter that sucks the metaphorical ink from my pen… I guess we’ll see.

Today it is 70* outside here in MS. And look who’s blogging?

I guess time will tell.

At any rate, I hope this blog finds you well.

And happy. And healthy. And as excited about spring, and new life, and love, and family as I am.

And if you’re in need of a hug today, consider this it. :)

Cause I miss ya. I really do. And I feel like you’re an old friend that I can always come back to…

picking up right where we left off, as if time and distance mean nothing.

Thanks for always being there…







Asleep at the wheel

January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized



You know those really loud really bumpy patches along the side of the road–

the ones that you hit when you accidentally roll over too close to the line, that go off like a loud, violent earthquake and scare everyone in the car to death?

Well, that is the best illustration I can give you for that thing that happens sometimes when you are parenting multiple small children and you find yourself suddenly in the midst of total chaos and bad attitudes–

with toddler cranky pants hanging off your leg demanding a cookie,

the preschool sweetheart pretending like you don’t even exist,

and the  seventeen seven year old slamming her bedroom door in your face and screaming what for all intents and purposes can be called obscenities at you through gritted teeth.

It is like waking up with a coffee hangover and realizing that your car is halfway off the road.

You just pull over and slam on the brakes like… WHAT HAPPENED???!!

Ya know? Ya know what I mean?

I thought so.

But the best part about the whole ordeal is that when you stop shaking, crank up, and return to the road, you are a more attentive driver. You don’t get distracted. You don’t turn up the music and forget what you are doing. You keep your eyes on the lines and you get to where you needed to go.

After having an AAAHHH! moment before Christmas with my kids, I’m convinced that these hypothetical side-of-the-road bumps are an extreme mercy from God.

For one, because it is so easy for me to exist in a state of chaos and blame it on the kids hearts or the circumstances… and sometimes fear and panic are the best wake up call.

And two, because I’m reminded that I am the driver, and that I am  responsible for our having veered off coarse.

I am responsible…not just for the tiny people’s educations and physical well being, but for their hearts. Most importantly for their hearts.

I’m not saying I can change their hearts– only the Spirit can do that. But I can train their hearts, and I must.

The ultimate destination is to Jesus.

And I need to remember that everything I do for them, everything I teach them is for that purpose.

But I get so worried about all the surrounding stuff that I forget which direction we should be headed in.

And I often find myself pointed in the wrong direction.

Parenting requires so much grace. But God is my supply and thankfully, He never runs out.

And sometimes, when we obey as parents, God even rewards us by making our calling easier– as He has graciously done for me in the last few weeks.

The past two weeks have proven to me (again) that God’s way works so much better than mine, and that the first thing I should point the children to every day, without fail or exception, should be Christ crucified.

And taking the time to sit and think about why we’re journeying and where we’re journeying, and who we’re journeying with– makes life seem a little less chaotic, and a lot more purposeful.

The most encouraging part is how absolutely qualified I am to teach them about their need of Jesus.

It’s the one thing in life where my inadequacy and insufficiency give me a great advantage.

I know how much my children need Jesus, because I know how much I need Him.

And I know how faithful He is to meet that need.








Baby, It’s Cold Outside

January 3, 2014 in Uncategorized


Well, I don’t know about you, but Christmas at the Morgan house was fantastic this year…

I’m not sure what the exact formula is for a perfect Christmas, but we got it pretty darn near close.

The kids (who are at times entitled and snotty about gifts) were happy and thankful and pursuing peace and fellowship. Being married was a blessing throughout the entire Christmas break (which, if we’re honest, it sometimes isn’t when you spend every day and night together), the food was sublime, the house smelled amazing and felt so comfortable, and the gifts (well, at least my gifts) were just icing on the proverbial cake.



These beauties make my heart flutter. Or maybe it’s my tummy…

Either way, it was a good time.

But I am thankful that it’s over and I can just enjoy the ordinary things in life, which as I get older, become more and more sweet.

Things like coffee at 5:30 am in front of the fireplace, with a heart full of joy and a laptop.


Or playing tickle monster with the wild tiny people.

Or putting stickers in my monthly planner.

Or sitting after a good meal in my cleaned, quiet kitchen at night.

These things aren’t nearly as marketable as Christmas… but they are so precious. Especially in this busy season, when sometimes the best moments go by the fastest.

Sometimes the imaginary ‘blank slate’ of the new year is a little daunting to me, but this year it is exciting.

I think a lot of that is because the if’s in our life seem to be disappearing one by one. Thank you, Lord!

In this season, I don’t have to question where I will be living in a year or two. I’ll be here!

I don’t have to question what Brandon will be doing. We love our job!

I don’t have to question where we will be worshipping. Our church has become family.



And I don’t have to really question my calling in the next 6 months. I will be meeting my sweet daughter!



And while by His grace I can always rest in the kindness of our Father, I have been particularly blessed this year to be put in a season where I can rest in the loving provision and comfort of His blessings as well. He is so gracious to take away the if’s.

So if I have any resolution this year, it is simply to be more thankful.

And to love Him more.

And to know Him more.

And to encourage those around me to do the same.


Merry Christmas

December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Well, it has been so long since I have blogged, I almost forgot how!

Merry Christmas! (almost!)

I hope your holiday season has been as lovely, but perhaps not quite so busy as mine!

We had a great thanksgiving…complete with turkey induced coma naps, at my folks house in the Ms Delta.

We were especially thankful this year, since we closed on our first home the day before thanksgiving!

(See photo above!)

But our Delta trip was a nice distraction from all the moving stuff, and we were able to rest and take in the other numerous blessings that our gracious God has bestowed on us this year – blessings of family and food and fellowship.


But the greatest of those blessings, of course, being God Himself. Who else but He could paint a picture like ^ that one?

He has been so faithful to provide for our every need, despite our weakness of faith.

My husband only stopped 8 times on the way home to snap these shots…


But they do capture the work of a magnificent creator-God!


Once we got home, survived 4 days in the cold without heat, reunited with the boys (who spent the weekend with my parents so that we could move), and moved in all our furniture…

We were able to take a break and have some fun putting up christmas decorations with the kids.




These memories are the ones that will last, I hope. Memories of popcorn and hot chocolate, lights and family.


We look back to past memories this time of year as well…


But the best is still yet to come!

And I am so ready for good food, and time spent doing nothing but laying around and snuggling and talking and watching the lights on the tree twinkle.

It has been a long year, with lots of ups and downs. And so even as I long to celebrate this holiday season…

I also look forward to the next chapter, where hopefully we will find some ‘normal’.

And meet our little one, sweet Eve.

I look forward to doing school with the kids (is that weird?), going to the zoo, cooking dinners in my new kitchen, running (oh, how I long to put on yoga pants and run out all this stress!), and hold my sweet newborn.

I look forward to having friends over for good meals, and the sounds of sweet young voices singing hymns around the dinner table at family worship, and the feeling of seeing my fella walk in from work every day at 5…

And I pray that my heart will be as thankful then– every day throughout the year, as it is this holiday season.

May God grant me (and you!) eyes to see every blessing in 2014, every provision from His hand, every tiny mercy…

as evidence of His goodness and love. And help us to know more of Jesus, and to love Him deeper, and to trust Him greater, day by day.

Merry Christmas, friends!

“May your days be merry and bright!” :)



October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized


Well, turns out it was PERFECT that I blogged the other day about being useful to the kingdom of God.

Because that post has set you up perfectly for this next post.

Satan is a roaring lion, and he hates for us to be useful.

So… yesterday we came under his attack.

Yesterday, my family was evicted from our home.

Not for any reason that’s good. In fact, for a terrible reason–

for a reason of faith and conviction.

And I wish that I could tell you that I am a rock, and that my faith has not wavered for a second.

But I am far too human, and far too fallen. And it is in moments like these- of sinful fear and unbelief– when I praise the Lord through tears with a heart of gratitude, that my faith is not in my own hands… but that the God of creation upholds it by His willing Spirit. He strengthens it. And He will see it through.

For the last year and a half, I have loved this house. It’s had it’s problems, sure.

But it has been a place of joy and growth and love.

It has been a place where friendships were made, Bible studies were born, and some of the most precious milestones of life were captured.

But it is just a house. And I keep reminding myself of this.

A friend sent me this yesterday, and I recite it over and over again so that it may become fully true:

“Whom have I in heaven but you? 

And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.

 My flesh and my heart may fail, 

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Psalm 73:25-26

I am also reminded, through broken tears and a struggling heart, that this world is not my home. And to be completely satisfied in it is like being happy about living in a shoebox– while a whole kingdom awaits.

Because that is exactly what we have in Christ. My faithful husband reminded me of this yesterday.

Right now, on this earth, we are homeless.

But there awaits us a heavenly home– a perfect, safe place where we will rest in the everlasting love and faithfulness of our God.

A home, and an inheritance that no one can take away.

And I have the words of Jesus himself to assure me of this.

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” John 14:3

And that is the true gift, isn’t it?

That in that home, we will ever abide in Christ.

And though we can’t experience that in it’s fullness now, we do experience it.

He is with us.

And he’ll dwell with us wherever we are, wherever we live– even if it is a shoebox.

Though I truly hope that’s not the case…


Please pray for us over the next days and weeks…

You mean the world to me.

Love you all,







October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized


Well, I don’t know guys.

It’s been months, but I just woke up and felt it in my bones.

I’m going to blog today, I realized as I took that delicious first sip of hot coffee.

And I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been ‘away’ for any good reason.

I have just been experiencing my first hard-hitting, incurable case of writer’s block.

The words were always there, but the thought of putting them on a page made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. It was strange.

But alas, I have not been defeated! And here I sit, typing away to you like the whole thing never happened.

And after months and months and months of not writing, I feel like I have SO much to say.

But sadly, I can’t say it all in one post, so I will have to be content to start with a simple story of grace.

These past months have been so exciting with the changing of seasons, and our church building coming SO close to opening (two weeks!).

We have been digging in to life and working like maniacs. And not to mention, I am making a baby.

But the busy feels really good, ya know? My head hits the pillow at night like a rock and doesn’t move til the next morning when either the toddler or the cat wakes me up for his breakfast.

But it has also been a challenging time.

It has also been a time when Brandon and I (by the work of the Spirit in us) have both committed to genuinely pouring ourselves out for the sake of the Gospel.

And amazingly, God has been able to use us broken vessels to make new friends and to invite people to come to worship with us.

It feels so good to be useful to the kingdom of God.

But this spiritual journey is not one where pilgrims get to stand still… and so just as we begin to grow comfortable with our circumstances, a seemingly frowning providence comes our way.

In this past, Brandon and I have been known to run from problems…which is exactly what I wanted to do this time.

But my husband is not the man he used to be. (And to be honest, I teared up just writing that)

The Lord has not taken him through the fire to bring him out unchanged, but he has the mark of one who has seen battle with sin and victory in Christ.

And so when our circumstances turned ugly and I started lacing up my running shoes this time, my husband stood firm, unwavering in the face of uncertainty and said, “the Lord is my hope and my strength. I will trust in Him.”

And though my knees are still knocking, his faithfulness gave me the courage to stand with him and face these trials– not because I think Brandon can ‘fix’ the situation, but because I know that the Lord is working all things for the good of those who love Him.

And I certainly do.

The situation has not changed, but my heart has. This particular trial may not be one immediately lifted from us, but by His grace, God has equipped us to live under it. And He has given us an opportunity to proclaim His goodness…even in our weakness. This is so encouraging to me.

Because I know that this is not my own doing. There is nothing good in me. But it is the work of the Spirit in me. Praise God! As someone who often feels like a failure, this is invaluable evidence of God’s work in me.

And all of this is to say, please be encouraged in your journey.

Sometime we don’t notice that we’re growing until we look back and see what God has been able to do in us. Sometimes this christian life seems so long and so hard. Sometimes we grow so weary of this battle with sin.

But God does not ever leave us where He found us.

He is changing us.

And he is doing it so that we can be useful to Him, so that we can glorify Him, so that we can proclaim the Gospel of Christ and Him crucified.

Your weariness is just evidence of your struggle, friend. So if you are weary, know that you are just where you need to be.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:8-10







Little one

August 27, 2013 in Little People

Well, I’m alive!

And so is the blog–though barely.

Tell you the truth, I haven’t had much time for blogging lately.

Life has gotten in the way. :)

But I HAD to come back to give you our joyful news…if you have somehow missed it so far.

Little Morgan #4  will arrive in April!


We are overjoyed at this wonderful news of the Lord’s blessing!

And before you ask…since this is baby number 4…

Yes. We do know where baby’s come from.

No. We are not collecting children.

And no. I do not want to be the next Michelle Duggar.  No offense, Michelle.

It’s the strangest thing… we just happen to love our wild, happy little kids.

And God is giving us another!!!

They are absolutely the most precious, hilarious, sanctifying little creatures on the planet, and I can’t wait to meet this next one.

So thank you for celebrating with us!

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127:3



Pictures of Grace

August 13, 2013 in Little People



It’s a big job, taking care of little people.

The skill set required is extensive.

The hours are long.

The breaks are few and far between.

And the world thinks you’re crazy for ever loving it.

What’s more, you’re even crazier if you do it more than once or twice.

So the count being at 3 children now, my degree of lunacy is bordering certifiable.

But I don’t care.

There are plenty of good reasons not to love this role of motherhood.

And there are always reasons not to have children.

Because having children costs something.

It does.

It costs money…though I might argue, very little. Certainly less than most would believe.

It costs time.

It costs patience.

It costs a size 2 jeans.

It costs shaved legs, and plucked eyebrows.

It costs sleep.

And ‘me time’.

It costs energy.

And discernment.

And privacy.

And romance. (sometimes)

But motherhood is not a sink hole.

You don’t pour yourself out, to find yourself empty.

It’s not an investment scam.



Instead, you pour out and your cup is filled.

Filled by little hands reaching to hold yours.

And little eyes twinkling up at you.

And high pitched good mornings, squeaked out from dark corners of the house.

And sweet giggles erupting at silly sounds.

Filled by wet nite nite kisses, and tight hugs.

Filled by sweet little people who depend on you to be their person.

But mostly we’re filled by the picture of the Gospel that we are given through it–

The picture of our heavenly Father, loving us infinitely more than we love our babies, providing for us, watching over us, and saving us from ourselves– over and over again.

We see A Father, who is willing to give up his only Son to a brutal death at the hands of his enemies, to send Him to hell and cast on Him the iniquity of us all, to save rebellious adopted sons and daughters.

And we see a son, who so desperately loves His Father, that He’ll offer up His own life to please Him.

I know that you can understand this Gospel picture before becoming a parent. But having experienced the love of a child, the picture becomes so full.

It’s like the difference between a coloring book page, and one of Da Vinci’s works of art.



The gift becomes greater, and our God becomes bigger.

So if I have to pay in sleep, time, sweat, and blood to be filled up by my children and that picture of grace,

Then I’ll do it.

Because my time, energy, and vanity are no costs compared to the Father’s atonement for my sin.

My sacrifices are nothing compared to the sacrifice of the Son on the cross that the Father ordained.

And so yes, there are plenty of reasons not to have children, and plenty not to enjoy the children that we have.

But none of them are good reasons… especially in light of the Gospel.

And none of them take away the blessings that motherhood brings.












Summer 2013

August 9, 2013 in Random

our (busy) Summer is drawing to an end. Here’s some of what we did.



the open road (vacation)



home sweet home


more gluttony



summer lightning

GMO corn and sunset

delta corn






alone time


poor boy








more lightning

more corn



also friends



starry nights




The days

August 6, 2013 in Heart-songs


Lately the days are full.

I get a free moment to sit down, pull out my laptop, and my mind goes completely blank.

It’s not like I don’t have millions of fun, quirky, heartfelt things to tell you.

It’s just that I’m so stinkin tired when I get the chance to say them, that I don’t.

Know what I mean?

I wonder if this is just what happens at this stage of life?

I guess if it is, I’ll take it.

Cause I never really wanted to be ‘that’ blogger, anyway.

You know, the one who is so busy blogging about life that she doesn’t get to live it.

The one who spends so much time blogging parenting advice that her kids are unruly and undisciplined.

The one who’s so busy posting pictures of her house projects that her beautiful little house never gets clean.

Or the one who spends so much time writing about how much she loves Jesus that she doesn’t have much time leftover to love Jesus.

I never wanted to be her.

I want to live my life the way I show it to you on this ‘ole blog.

If I talk about the blessings of family time, I want to actually be experiencing it.

If I talk about disciplining my children, I want to make sure I’m practicing what I ‘preach’.

That way, you and I can both be sure that the life I show you on this blog is the one I’m actually living.

But this necessarily means that sometimes I neglect blogging.

But when  I do, I miss you. I miss blogging.

And I sincerely hope that this upcoming fall season brings both time and motivation.

It usually does.

It’s my favorite season, ya know.

I hope you’ve had a good summer, friend.

And I hope you’re happy as it comes to it’s end.