Christmas Tree Decorating

Uncategorized / Friday, December 1st, 2017

We love traditions. And one of our favorites is the annual event of riding across town to the whimsical garden center at Home Depot to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. 

This happens every year the day after Thanksgiving. We get the tree home, eat a leftover turkey sandwich and a deviled egg, and then get to work. It's a double job for me because I like to flutter around in a panic while the kids decorate the first time — keeping the ornament carnage to a minimum. Then I get to redecorate the whole tree again after the kids go to bed. It's a beautiful longstanding tradition, and it usually involves wine. Except this year I drank sweet tea…because pregnancy.

Despite a few broken ornaments and my holiday neuroticism, it really was a great time all together. The kids LOVE this special day every year and they always look forward to it. Next year I want to incorporate a little bit of party food and maybe a Christmas movie. It feels so attached to Thanksgiving and leftovers, but I think it really deserves some preparation and attention of its own.

I treasure looking back on our special ornaments that always bring back a flood of emotions. We all have our favorites. This one is from the hospital where my beloved was born!

When we hung the stockings this year, I had Brandon measure them so that another one could be added next year! I still can't believe how much our little family has grown. 

Such a fun, magical way to start off our Christmas season! I'd love to hear about your favorite family traditions!