Daddy’s Brioche Donuts

Uncategorized / Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Over the last year we have gotten really good at spending intentional, solid- fun, quality time with our kids. Which is great!

But I have a few issues….

Namely, why can’t our family do skinny people things together?

It’s truly a hardship upon me that our “quality time” involves making donuts that are a million calories a piece…

And delicious.

Like, really, really delicious.

Delicious like Crispy Cream. Except accessible like at home right when you wake up. With no make up. And in your pj’s.

See my problem?

Clearly, she is my spirit animal. I looked the same way when I ate my donut, but I made Brandon delete the picture.

Is it possible to be both really skinny AND really happy?

Deep thoughts for the day…