First Day of School 2019!

Uncategorized / Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Guess who forgot to take a group photo this year?

But turns out, the first day of school DOES happen… even without a group photo. And it was a pretty good one!

We have little things that we have done now, long enough for them to be expected on the first day… traditions! The kids always get a really fun snack, fruit loop bars this year. And this year I made homemade pastries that were a big hit!

So So easy and only a few ingredients!

We got all fancied up for school year photos. And we set up all of our binders and met all our new school books. I’m so delighted that my children love books like they do!

The big kids are much more independent this year, but they are also waking up extra early so that I get some time just with them. We are using Apologetics in Action for our morning Bible Study. They are big Ken Ham fans so they are thrilled about this.

Atti is getting a lot more one on one time with mom since the big two are working on their own more, and so far he isn’t complaining.

This girl is doing SO GOOD. A big improvement over last year when she kept asking me why I got to be the teacher. HA!

This guy is a wonderful student…not surprising. He has a heart to please and is just generally inquisitive and enjoyable to teach.

And this one is SO MUCH FUN. I love that she is in 7th grade and still willing to pose with a unicorn headband. Have I mentioned I LOVE the preteen years?? #notafraid one bit.

This one also very much enjoyed his first day of school and immediately set out to eat every handful of his edible paint.

All in all, it was a GOOD start to a promising year of life in the Morgan house. I can’t help thinking how extraordinary this life is and how unbelievably blessed I am to get to stay home and raise them.

My husband is an amazing human to so lovingly and cheerfully provide this life for us and lead us in it. Can’t forget about him and how it is wholeheartedly responsible for every bit of it. Loving him never gets old.

Now let’s just hope I can keep the camera close by, so these blog posts don’t just become an annual thing.

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