Teaching Them Diligently 2018

Uncategorized / Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Summer is officially over for the little Morgan people!


After two weeks of planning, we finally just jumped right in… toes and elbows and ears first. Whatever that means.

I have a severe case of baby brain, and so although it was my heart’s desire to plan out every second of our lives for the next 50 weeks the sad reality was, I just couldn’t afford to throw away any more failed attempts at bullet journals (couldn’t pick a working color theme… type one on the enneagram) or go through any more note cards–  making lists that won’t get checked off.

So with reluctant acceptance, (and one original typed out master list, naturally) we took the plunge and dove right in the deep end this morning.

To my pleasant surprise, we had a lovely and exceptionally well-planned out day. Complete with homemade snacks and bran muffins. #fiber

I know it sounds wild, but these kids LOVE school. They begged for weeks to start early, and at dinner they all chatter-boxed about their favorite subjects this year, which was all of them. And every one of them refused to pick a worst subject.

Naturally, I contribute this profound love for education to how carefully and exhaustively I bored them over the summer. Post baby mama is a real stick in tha mud.

This S-T-I-N-K-E-R started school for the first time ever today… and I think it’s fair to say maybe she was underwhelmed?


I kept waiting for that special moment when her eyes would light up and she’d exclaim what a fantastic mother she had and how well thought out and organized my material was,

and how special I had made her first day and how she’d remember it forever…

Buuuuuuutttt, instead she just looked me dead in the eye with a world of seriousness and determination and said dryly, “That is NOT an “A”.” (It was.)

To which I responded calmly, “But of course it is, my darling…” To which she responded with ever more determination, “No. It isn’t.” (It still was.)

To which I then responded, ” Listen here you little…. ” hehehe. Jk. I didn’t curse at her.

But I wanted to.

Ohhhhh I wanted to.

This one sat in his chair and self soothed for the first time ever. I’m sure he developed some abandonment issues after about 13 minutes. Because he’s some mixture of needy and precious that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

In all seriousness though…

It isn’t possible to love children any more than I love these tiny people.

And it is such an honor and a privilege to kiss their sweet cheeks and nurture their hungry souls,

to be their safest place and their warmest hug, to be the eyes that really see them and make them feel known and cared for.

To war against sin alongside them, to grieve and share in life’s inevitable bitterness, and to laugh as loud and as often as opportunity allows.

Tonight I pray, Lord, make them firm as old oak trees, let their roots grow deep and wide.  Give me grace to let them grow and reach and stretch toward all that is light and warm and true and good. Let their shadows stretch out far and wide over your creation and let your Spirit go with them, always.