Looping and Other Fun Facts

Uncategorized / Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

So this year we added one new student (Evelette, K5) and THREE new subjects. Oh, and a baby.

I may be looney tunes, but the jury is still out. However, the new subjects are SUPER fun! We started logic with the big two kids.

Science with all four — Biology for the big two (see onion above and below) and science journaling for the little two, and vocab from the classical roots for the big two.

But Atti is so interested in the Latin root words that he quickly finishes his spelling so that he can jump in with us and answer all the vocab questions!

Speaking of onions, did you know that “onion” comes from the latin root “unus” which means one? So the word onion really means “one”yun. Can you guess why?

I feel like I have a much better idea of what the year will look like with these two younger guys. I am trying to lean heavy on the hands on stuff–

Lots of crafts and exploration. I feel like Atti had a pretty boring year last year. Heavy on the worksheets, light on the fun…

He survived, but I’m happy to make up for it this year! These two together are quite a pair.

And this one… he gets me right in the feels with those eyes. He never wants to NOT be touching me. BUT I went running (if you can call it that) yesterday and totally felt like a real person for about 40 minutes. It was neat. Even though I panted and whined and complained to myself the entire time.

Fun fact: I just realized a week ago that I have been misspelling Grammar my whole life. Apparently there is no “E” in Grammar. Props to my MIL for pointing that out.

Music is a very special part of our education and we are doing piano, singing/chorus, and music appreciation this year.

Okay, so looping! This is the most fun addition to our homeschool schedule.

It’s pretty straightforward. We have a list of subjects to get through every day, and every morning the kids pick a starting point on the loop. From there we go down every subject until it all gets done. This is great in case we ever don’t get finished with all of our work bc we can just pick up on the loop the next day where we left off. Also, our schedule is much more exciting!

Annnnnnd snack time is super messy.

And it is super cute when tiny people say big words. Like INVERTEBRATE. Next time you see the little two, ask them what that means.

And I’ll sit there super proud, looking smug and pretending that they didn’t learn most all of it from watching Octonauts.